Book Page & Other Updates

Last Updated on Sat May 22, 2021 by JR Rioux

I have finished listing the majority of the books I have planned or am working on. I broke it down into 2 pages to make things load more quickly. It’s a rather extensive list, but I know some people like to know what is coming up, and most of these are well planned out.

There is also a submit a review form for anyone who wishes to submit a review that can be used on the website and potentially for advertising. While Inkitt has that ability, Wattpad does not. I felt it was appropriate to add that ability.

Additionally, I’ve tweaked the menu and added my social links, as well as created an easy to read archive page that will list things in the articles area that’s designed to help writers. I am working on the newsletters, and will have those up soon. I am still editing the last of the posts from AIC and have several new ones coming up, including a series on murder that will explain aspects that some writers completely overlook. It will be rather lengthy and will have to be done in multiple parts because there is a LOT of information I will be giving there.

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