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This is a list of sites compiled from numerous sources that can help you learn new things to improve your writing, your overall knowledge, or just for fun.

Notice: I am not advertising or endorsing any of these sites, and am not responsible for any positive or negative experience you may have. However, if you have direct information that may make me wish to remove it, please let me know.

Some of these sites are pay for and some are not, so keep that in mind when looking at them. Some also have apps or offer video tutorials so you can listen to while doing other things. Some of these may also provide offline information in case you’re not connected.

Brilliant – Interactive learning of science, math, and computer science. Highly advertised and recommended from outside sources – notably YouTube channels that offer educational information. Does require a subscription, though there may be a free trial.

Skillshare – Offers over 29,000 classes in a variety of categories. Some of those include Design, Illustration, Writing, Business, and Technology. From other sources I’ve encountered, it’s really amazing. Does require a subscription, though there may be a free trial.

Khan Academy – Offers some basic, 1st grade to high school/early college courses that include things like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, computer programming, history, civics, and it even has test prepping for things like the SAT’s. It is free and accepts donations. – Has an extensive library of courses in more categories I can list without spending an inordinate amount of time and effort. A few include: CAD, Advertising, Acoustics, Digital Publishing, Data Analysis, Film Making, Languages, Drawing, Music Composition, Typography, Video Editing. As you can see… there’s a lot. It does require a subscription. I do not know if they offer free trials.

Coursera – Connected to a variety of well-known colleges, this site has a wide number of areas you can study, though it does appear many of these are headed toward a degree or some type of certificate and there is a fair bit of cost involved in this one. Course topics include: Arts & Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Health, IT, etc.. I wasn’t going to initially add it, but just in case it is a really good one, I didn’t want to risk leaving it out.

edX – Is apparently a very popular site that not only offers their information for free, but has a fair bit of variety as well. From Architecture to Economics, Nutrition to Law to Social Sciences. Courses are available in multiple languages, and it is partnered with several schools that many will have heard of.

Udemy – According to their site, they offer over 100,000 courses. Business, Accounting, Marketing, and Teaching are a few of the categories that things are divided into. These classes ARE pay-for, but they’re also all rated, so you can see what other people thought about the course before spending the money.

Open Culture – This site boasts 1300 free online courses from big universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford, and more. Some are video, some are audio, others are in text. The categories are what you’d often expect to see from any 4-year+ university: Astronomy, Biology, Physics, History, Literature, etc. Scanning through, I also see some on Archaeology, Economics, Film, Linguistics, Political Science, and a variety of Language lessons. They also have some old films that you can watch, many in B&W, for free. This site takes donations. – Similar to Open Culture in content, where the content comes from, and the categories, though I did not immediately notice any significant overlap. This site is also free, and has 100’s of courses with 1000’s of lectures. You can list them by topic, by university, etc.

Some major Universities, like Harvard and Yale, have their own sites where they post some of the lectures and such from their school. There are also countless other sites that compile information from colleges or experts in a variety of fields. There are some that are very specific, like for coding or something of that nature.

The information is within your reach if you choose to expand your mind and knowledge base.

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