Holiday News

Happy holiday season to all those who have holidays over the next month. I hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving enjoyed that. Now, for the news.

I am pushing through The Arrangement as fast as possible. At the rate I am going, the story will be completed around Christmas. I am estimating it will have almost twice as many chapters as the last update (18), which will put it roughly 110k word count.

Once that is finished, I will be going through and revising both nanny books. They will then go to editing while I revise The Arrangement. If all goes well, we’ll have 2 rounds of editing before final polishing. I am hoping for late February or early to mid March for the release. I am taking suggestions on book cover artists on Facebook, so look for that post if you are one or have any suggestions.

As the final part of this update, I’ll let you know Blood Queen (formerly The Survivor) is going to be reappearing next. There will be a fair bit of modification, so it will be considered a rewrite. I am debating whether or not I want to remove the sex scenes from the story – or at least all the unnecessary ones unrelated to the plot. I tend to believe it detracts from the horror and thriller aspects of the story and wastes space. I may take them and put the in a ‘one-shots’ type book on the side.

Additionally, the book after Blood Queen will be Rescuing the Recluse. It’s a horror story revolving around a reclusive writer, her house guests, and her handsome Scottish protector. She’s reclusive for a reason: she’s hiding from a nightmare she’s tried desperately to forget. But, just because you’ve hidden yourself away doesn’t mean that no one can find you if they really want to. Unfortunately, the writer’s past will catch up with her, putting all their lives in danger and there’s a good chance that not everyone will make it out alive.