Influence by Storytelling

Last Updated on Sun Jun 20, 2021 by JR Rioux

One of my ‘missions’ in writing is to help people see things from other points of view. I like to show the shades of gray and explore them to show people who sometimes have to make hard choices – sometimes between 2 or more shitty choices. This is to help people understand the choices other people have to make and encourage a more open-minded attitude toward those around them.

I also want to bring awareness to certain subjects, many social issues, as well as help people both see and understand other lifestyles, how trauma affects people, and show ways that people need to consider taking or avoiding to help those around them. Many people simply don’t know.

We are all responsible for the messages we send in our writing. While we can’t help if someone takes something else from our writing, we can try to create a better world by opening people’s minds. It’s all fiction and creativity, and sometimes the message is buried, but there is always something there, inspired by our own life’s experiences.

The end goal for me is to show everyone that you can be someone’s savior, You can change a life for the better. Don’t be afraid to reach out in try, even if you’re shoved away. Some things take time.

You CAN be someone’s hero.

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