The Lost Bride

1st Draft on Hold

Nora Mills has a secret. A very, very big secret.

Seven years ago, Nora woke up in a hospital with absolutely no memory of who she was, where she came from, or what happened to her.

She didn’t even know her own name.

Blood Queen

Blood Queen

A Werewolf Tale Book
2nd Draft on Hold

War is looming. A vile force is marching across the country, raping, killing, and kidnapping from various werewolf settlements. Their goal is to topple the current royal family and take control of the kingdom. A sole survivor of one of their attacks has vengeance on her mind, and death in her heart. Just how far will she have to go to not only avenge her losses, but protect the very foundation of their kind?

The Lost Empire

1st Draft on Hold

Ancient legends tell of a great empire that has lead all man to golden ages before vanishing, only to reappear centuries later to usher in a new golden age. The empire is ruled by an Emperor, born from a family blessed by the Gods. Unfortunately, Emperors die, and when they do, the Empire’s capital vanishes somewhere man cannot reach. Then, a love for the ruler comes and brings the Emperor a special mark that allows the Emperor to recognize the person the gods had chosen. But no one has been found in a thousand years and the Empire has become all but a myth.

Three travelers find a mortally wounded man who begged them to deliver a message to a place none were familiar with. The path they were instructed to go lead them straight into the missing capitol city of the Empire itself and they were destined to meet the Emperor himself. Or, that’s what they were expecting. But the Emperor isn’t quite what they expected and the message turns out to be more than they ever could have realized.

Return of the Opari

Kingdom of the Opari Book 1
Epic Fantasy
3rd Draft on Hold

Description coming soon!


A Werewolf Tale Book
2nd Draft on Hold

Alpha Daniels had become familiar with the trade with wolves and werewolves and was desperately seeking a way to end it. With the discovery of the she-wolf, can he get closer to the source and exact revenge on those who had stolen his sister so long ago?

It would take time to learn all that she knew, but he was determined. While he had few hopes of ever finding his younger sister, he was damned if he would allow anyone else to feel that loss. This girl had to be a key to gaining much needed information, having been held herself since she was young.

He wasn’t wrong.


2nd Draft on Hold

‘Jonny’ Newkirk: Bold. Sassy. Fearless. Strong. Defiant. Stubborn. Cold.


Her dark childhood and devastating past were now behind her, but what remained of her was not the girl that had once been. She’s out for revenge and she will do whatever it takes to get it. Even if it means she has to give into her madness to get the job done.

Can Jonny keep her humanity or will she give completely in to her inner monster?


1st Draft on Hold

A woman in a medically induced coma finds herself awake and able to move, but this world is nothing like Earth. She discovers her essence was drawn here to help them defeat their enemy. Soon, she finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime. The only problem: the longer she stays, the more likely her body back on Earth will die, leaving her stranded here forever. If she returns, she’ll eventually wake back home if or when her body recovers from the damage. If she stays, she will be stuck in a foreign land forever, where life would be hard and sometimes cruel.

Jack the Killer (tentative title)

1st Draft on Hold

Men are turning up dead, horribly mutilated and clearly having suffered prolonged torture. Each man was found with a message carved into their flesh: ‘Rapist’, ‘Pedophile’, ‘Child Molester’. The police believe it to be a male, 20’s-30’s, probably white, with a history of sexual trauma in childhood. They made many other assumptions based on experience, but this killer was something completely new.

For starters, their murderer is a woman. A woman who is hellbent to destroy those who destroy others.