Current & Planned Book List With Stages

(Note: All existing covers are temporary.)

Seducing The Nanny

Seducing The Nanny

An Alternative Love Romance
Loving the Nanny Book 1
Draft Completed – Under Revision

Charles Rivers was a prominent businessman with one child from his first marriage and three from his second. His oldest son, Damon, was in his last year of school and almost 18. The other three, however, were much younger. He was in desperate need of a nanny so he could run his multi-million dollar business…

Marrying The Nanny

Loving the Nanny Book 2
Draft Completed – Under Revision

The story of Lilah, Charles, Damon, and the kids continues in the sequel to ‘Seducing the Nanny’. After dropping a bombshell, hard choices have to be made in order to keep their family intact. But when one situation is settled, another one arises that will challenge the family again. After facing that..

The Arrangement

An Alternative Love Romance
Draft Completed – Under Revision

Selene was 15 when she escaped her life, living on her own and working hard to keep herself independent. Things aren’t easy, but she manages. Her new waitress job seems promising – an upscale restaurant with a really great boss. Saving up for a small apartment is high on her priority list. She’s not looking for romance or a relationship. She just wants to get herself into a…

For All Of Eternity: The Broken

For All Of Eternity Series – Book 1
1st Draft in Process

Lauren is broken. Having lived her entire life with her mother – most of it with just the two of them, when her mother dies she was crushed. Then, an attack on her way home from work completely destroys her. She refuses to leave the house except for very late at night and only to a cemetery a few blocks from her house.

A strange man appears one night; handsome and charming. Soon, she is faced with a reality long hidden…

Blood Queen

A Werewolf Tale
2nd Draft on Hold

War is looming. A vile force is marching across the country, raping, killing, and kidnapping from various werewolf settlements. Their goal is to topple the current royal family and take control of the kingdom. A sole survivor of one of their attacks has vengeance on her mind, and death in her heart. Just how far will she have to go to not only avenge her losses, but protect the very foundation of their kind?

Rescuing the Recluse

1st Draft In Process

A reclusive writer in northern Maine has a secret. A secret so big, she’s hidden away from the world to protect herself. When Grant Carroll, action star, joins a friend on vacation at the woman’s house, everything seems perfect. But then, things start to happen that indicate someone is out to get to her, and they don’t care who they have to hurt in the process.

The Business of Sin

An Alternative Love Romance
2nd Draft on Hold

3 brothers. 1 genius. A competition to win her hand to gain the top spot in their father’s company. With a woman who’s sexual appetites can hardly be satisfied by one man, will the brothers try to win her separately, or will they join together to conquer her heart and share the spoils?

The Wanderer

1st Draft on Hold

She is not the type to settle down. She likes her freedom. She likes being anonymous. She’ll take a job for a couple days or weeks, then take off in the middle of the night and never pass through again. The US was a big place, lots of room for a nomad like her, who refuse to stay in one place too long for one reason or another. With her – she was hollow inside; unable to make connections to others that would last.

A surprise snowstorm, a patch of slick road, and a tree stump nearly end her life. Fortunately, she is rescued, but getting outside help wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon. Not that the man who’d rescued her minded, but was it possible to tame the wild woman or would her past haunt her forever?

For the Love of Mikki

1st Draft on Hold

Micki Long was a waitress in a back-end town in Southern Missouri. Jack Carlson was a 20 year pro in the music industry. A cross-country trip leads him to breaking down in some small hick town late one night. Tired, annoyed, and frustrated, Jack found himself in the 24 hour diner and truck stop that served the town of less than a thousand people and highway traffic. He discovered a sweet, friendly waitress that was quick to get him the assistance he needed.

Jack’s curiosity puts him in the middle of a dangerous game between opposing forces wanting Mikki for their own reasons and both sides were willing to do anything to get her in their clutches. When Mikki finds him, will Jack accept this is too much, or will he go in all the way and risk dying to save the woman he cares about far more than even he, himself, realizes?

Dominic: The Love Bot

1st Draft on Hold

In the not-so distant future, a young woman lives a carefully mapped out life. Her life is turned upside down when she is brutally assaulted and hospitalized. Faye’s employer sends her the latest in the love bot line, a robotic man who seems completely human and programmed to help her and provide protection.

What Faye doesn’t know is that there are far more powerful forces behind her attack and everyone around her is hiding something from her. As events unravel, Faye finds herself in the middle of a struggle for power. The only one she can trust: the love bot named Dominic. But is he holding a secret, too?

The Lost Bride

1st Draft on Hold

Nora Mills has a secret. A very, very big secret.

Seven years ago, Nora woke up in a hospital with absolutely no memory of who she was, where she came from, or what happened to her.

She didn’t even know her own name.

But someone does know who she is and he won’t stop until he finds her. That’s when the adventure begins, and Nora discovers she’d been lied to and deceived and that her truth was nothing like she could have imagined. It could cost her her life.

Return of the Opari

Kingdom of the Opari Book 1
Epic Fantasy/Adventure
3rd Draft on Hold

A woman discovered in ancient ruins with no memory of who are what she is, is kept safe as they attempted to figure out something about her past. With a trained assassin to act as her guard, she goes all across the land to seek out and explore any sites they would find. Before they know it, they find themselves entangled in an ancient mystery and a fight to save an endangered race.


A Werewolf Tale Book
2nd Draft on Hold

Alpha Daniels had become familiar with the trade with wolves and werewolves and was desperately seeking a way to end it. With the discovery of the she-wolf, can he get closer to the source and exact revenge on those who had stolen his sister so long ago? It would take time to learn all that she knew, but he was determined. While he had few hopes of ever finding his younger sister, he was damned if he would allow anyone else to feel that loss. This girl had to be a key to gaining much needed information, having been held herself since she was young.

He wasn’t wrong.


2nd Draft on Hold

‘Jonny’ Newkirk: Bold. Sassy. Fearless. Strong. Defiant. Stubborn. Cold.


Her dark childhood and devastating past were now behind her, but what remained of her was not the girl that had once been. She’s out for revenge and she will do whatever it takes to get it. Even if it means she has to give into her madness to get the job done.

Can Jonny keep her humanity or will she give completely in to her inner monster?