What’s Coming Next

Since half of this website is dedicated to helping other writers, I have a series of posts coming up that will follow that trend. So, if you’re curious, here’s what’s up and coming:

  • World-Building: A Deeper Look
  • World-Building: The Ultimate Details
  • BDSM In Romance & Erotica
  • Writing Trauma: Truth & Consequences
  • Mentally Ill Characters
  • Writing Exercise: Setting the Scene
  • Resource: Book Cover Artists
  • Resources: Editors & Editing Services
  • Website Hosts & Hosting Types
  • Map For Murder – Series

Map For Murder is going to be a multi-part series that outlines facts about torture, murder, crime-solving, and how things work in the real world. It will be rather extensive, but will provide you a better view to enhance your writing. Currently, there are 9 planned parts, but this may increase.

Additionally, I’ll be covering some website builders, and have plans to extend the character types, adding information on protecting your privacy, and more!

I do hope this gives you something to look forward to! Stay tuned!