New Year, New Goals

The Holidays are over, the New Year is gone, and 2020 is a whole new decade.

My holidays were working holidays this year, and I have now completed The Arrangement. Seducing the Nanny is currently undergoing revision as part of the pre-publication process. Marrying the Nanny will follow, then The Arrangement. The plan is to have them all released by Summer.

For Wattpad and Inkitt readers, new material will continue, though likely a little slower or with longer gaps. The next book is Blood Queen, though I do have 2 others that I work on regularly in between chapters or parts of other things to keep my brain from getting bored. Those 2 stories are currently Rescuing the Recluse and Dominic: The Love Bot. They may go up in pieces once I get farther in, but neither have 5 full chapters yet, so we shall see.

Additionally, I am going to be working on the site in the near future to get things up that I want to do, but it is not going to be my primary focus. I am more concerned with getting things related to the books done before I worry too much about website content at this stage. That doesn’t mean it won’t get done, it just means I will be doing a little at a time when I need a break from my primary work.

I wish you all the best for the new year and new decade – make this your best ever!